Friday, January 28, 2011

Strategic Plan Squares

During multiple meetings and endless droning on about goals and objectives and etc. etc. etc. I drew in the lines/squares what I could while we were all meeting. I have the cheerful finger gun guy, the lil stick guy holding up the sides of the square, the launching robot, and of course, who could forget that short-lived 80s video game spin off pac-snake?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Memo/Agenda Skyline

This is from last week, but I've actually been busy at work/unable to sneakily scan things until now.
I'm working on conceptualizing an infographic for a project and have been obsessed with skylines (I'll post up an insanely detailed skyline I did with some friends later on). So I draw them everywhere on everything and I really love them. This one I was just trying to amuse myself during a meeting, so the buildings are all cute. The middle guy with the really big smile is the one who started it all off. He seems pretty happy, maybe that's how I would be if I got to be outside all day and be part of the city.