Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pre-Thanksgiving Meeting-Part 2

Punctuation was all on my mind today, started off drawing the two most exciting punctuation marks (the question mark and the exclamation point) and then moved on to the useful but less exciting combos of dots and commas.
I found out later that someone else in the meeting was also drawing question marks. A general feeling of questioning the universe or easy doodlin'?

Pre-Thanksgiving Meeting-Part 1

I haven't drawn on my hands in so long in a meeting, I almost forgot I could do it. My canvas that is always with me as long as I have a ballpoint pen (other stuff just doesn't work as well).
I scanned my wrist and felt like a drunk person at an office party doing it. As if anyone here gets drunk and parties. So this is my sober, non party wrist doodle. I colored it in and then threw a quick watercolor filter over it because close ups of scanned body parts really aren't all that attractive.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Making Bad Things Cute

There's probably a good government job in that. Making really scary things cute so that people are a little less on edge. Well, I do that in my head all of the time, like a skin I put over the world so that things have giant eyes and big smiles and would never hurt you. At work, in our famous all-staff meetings in the basement we learned that someone had found a couple of bed bugs in the building. After wanting to hurl, I quickly sketched out the bed bugs I could mentally handle co-existing with.