Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cycle of Low-Level Violence at Work

Bullies don't just stop when you get out of the playground, school, high-school. They get older and meaner and bring that shit to work. Yay?
Here's a small illustration I did of how I see some of this stuff going down.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Awl Staff Meeting

We had an all staff meeting yesterday, so I got punny and sketched up some alternative meetings that could happen IN MY MIND

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sketchy Meetings-OverFlow Chart

Same meeting...She proceeds to write an almost completely unfollowable "flow chart" that runs horizontally the ENTIRE (yes ALL CAPS are needed here!!!) length of the room wall that is covered in white board...probably like 15 feet worth? I then of course imagined her to continue going onto the wall and around the room, this is just a quick sketch of that.

Sketchy Meetings-2 Hour Edition

The good part about long meetings is that they can turn into figure drawing sessions. Sometimes people hold the same pose for a long time and I try to draw it as best I can. The second not-so-good figure in the sketch kept changing his position, that's my excuse for the less-than drawing...
As a bonus I added an uncomfortable quote from the person leading the meeting. She probably didn't think much of it, but when we were all gathering into the room she said, "I have this urge to arrange people by color..." since there is a distinct lack of diversity where I work, I looked up at her like WTF since my boss is one of 3 african americans where I work (out of a total of say 70ish employees). She then quickly qualified it with "...of what they are wearing" SMH...seriously

Tetris Pieces are People Too!

Before I knew it was the anniversary of Tetris this year, I drew this on a napkin at a great bar  I frequent. I have always felt that (through my rampant anthropomorphism skillz) each piece had its own attitude. In particular the piece that has the three blocks with the one in the middle always seemed very neurotic to me. It can't decide where to go EVER!!!

Shapes: Now in Living 3D!!!

The usual 3D rectangle, the classic "my first doodle" of course I injected my gang of primary shapes with some sassitude, as is my wont.