Thursday, June 03, 2010

Teeny lil Kitteh Picture

My friend at just had a kitten birthday (she is not a kitten, but has one...just in case there was any confusion...) and I was commissioned (haha, instant messaged) to draw up a wee icon/picture for her birthday.
After the deadline passed, I of course finally completed it. I took the original picture, outlined it heavily with a ballpoint pen, flipped the pic over and drew over the deep lines that appeared on the back of the picture, then I 'shopped it, filled it, drew a little and BAM!
Evil awesome black cat peeping behind curtain, and curious (actually more evil, but tiny kitten evil), adorable kitten out in front with the obligatory aren't-i-cute head cock to the side.
Here's the original photo: Waffle and Daisy Boo on the Window Sill, on a fake iPhone cover
Here's the one I made from that picture:

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