Thursday, January 07, 2010

A Tale of a Tail: or How That Adorable Puppy on the City Street Will Be Basement Fighting Within a Few Months

Yes, I'm jumping to conclusions, but also, sadly, yes I know what I speak of when I see a months-old waggy-tailed pit bull in the hands of a rather sullen young man who has already outfitted it with a huge spikey collar and an actual chain for a leash. Back in the day I knew a rather unsavory fellow who bought a couple of pitbull puppies. As cute as they were, I knew they were headed for fighting, because with a wink and a nod he told me as much. But still, that puppy I saw this morning was adorable and I wanted to steal him away so he'd only be familiar with dogs fighting over a chew toy, not for their lives.

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