Friday, February 17, 2006

Time Consuming Site

Judged by time spent in temporary cute paralysis-TSITCPsu (standard units)
THIS is the one site that eats a disproportionately large percentage of my page viewing...
I mean, c'mon...I'm totally helpless

Friday, February 10, 2006

Where the Wonkette Lives

Been wondering what happened to your fave dirty dirty politics girl? Well, the old wonkette site might blow heartily enough to fill one of those impossible to inflate balloon animal balloons, but wonkette herself (Ana Marie Cox) is blogging on her own while she does her book selling stuff.
I'm sure her books will be brilliant as she is, but if you need your fix real bad check it:
The Real Wonkette Blog
She's now blogging for MSM with TIME Magazine. I think she's allowed to be Maureen Dowd naughty, but not Wonkette honest. Judge for yourself. She's still awesome though.
Ana Marie Cox on TIME