Monday, October 24, 2005

Doctors are Okay I Guess

Went to see mine today and was feeling less than great about it. I always feel like I should be able to heal myself, but I think that is asking a bit much of myself.
My doctor is great so now I'm afraid she'll go somewhere else and I'll have to pick someone else out of the giant "provider handbook"
I've recorded some ideas on my new mp3 player that M gave me. One of them is that the main character in my novel/graphic novel keeps getting these terrible headaches and at some point they'll find this giant Prozac tumor in her brain. Like a ball of all of the unprocessed meds her body balled up and is keeping in her brain like so many nuts squirrelled away in a tree.
I can't decide it she'll have it out or not.
If she does get it removed, it'll be in a back-door manner, like at midnite from a neuro-surgeon she holds at gunpoint.
Now that's my kinda doctorin'!

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