Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Katrina Ramble

I've seen the coverage and what sticks with me most are the words being spoken by some very elite people.
  • Barbara Bush is saying how nice it is for the poor people to be evacuated from their homes as they are being treated so nicely now in the 'Domes. ASSHOLE!!!
  • The FEMA director Brown, was saying how the victims needed to take responsibility for themselves now--a classic blame the victim game.
  • Dennis Hastert says we should just bulldoze all of New Orleans.
  • Even now Bush Jr. is relying on his PARENTS to help him out. I hear a lot of things that basically sound like this, "Don't talk bad about my son." You know, it really puts my mind at ease to know that the POTUS still isn't off of his mother's teat--and I bet she doesn't even support public breastfeeding initiatives.

Hey poor people in LA, Eat the Rich!!! They are very fatty and tasty.

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