Friday, August 19, 2005

Not a False Start This Time...3rd time is a charm

The first page is done, I think it looks great. The title of the little vignette is "Day After Day". So that'll be about 11 pages about setting up the depression, the habits, the people and situations that make for the oppressing days of working. I will work in some foreshadowing of the storyline in brief glimpses of the violent tendencies I imagine.
My new thing is that my violent imagination ends up becoming a violent reality somehow [of course I mean in the novel, okay?]--this might change, but it stems from my love of all things Tabloid, cheap, dirty, ugly, horrible 99cent store type of life in the city. Violence is agiven in any city. I feel like the only way you can change it is by making the violence more equitable in that it doesn't just stem from and attack the poor neighbourhoods. It should jump out and get richies too. Not that I hate rich people, I just resent them and at the same time want to be so comfortable that I don't have to think about these horrible things that I do.
But I figure that if I were rich, then I'd have these bad thoughts still and would eventually act on them or something. My faltering moral compass would end up going totally haywire over the strong magnetic pull of money.

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