Friday, July 08, 2005

Goings on in Cartoon-land

Okay so I get this post from two sources 1) the mailing list at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Fran (such an inspiring place for doodlefreaks and cartoonists) and 2)
1) JUNKO MIZUNO WILL BE SIGNING HER NEW BOOK PURE TRANCE AT THE CARTOONART MUSEUM'S FOTO-GRAFIX BOOKSTORE (in San Fran, CA) ON SATURDAY, JULY 9 FROM 2PM TO 4PM.The long-awaited debut graphic novel of Japanese manga artist JunkoMizuno!Cute, dark and alluring, Pure Trance breaks every stereotype of girls'manga. This was her first published graphic novel in Japan, but it'snever been translated until now. In this dreamy science fictionfantasy, Junko Mizuno illustrates a story full of catfights, aliensafari adventures, evil experiments, and a girl who dreams of becoming apop idol singer. The story begins in the hospital that has been ruinedby a tyrannical director, KeikoYamazaki.
2) Surprise, the guy who draws Mallard Fillmore actually has no sense of humor. Although I like his lines in general, I've never been able to stand his not-funny ramblings against the "liberals" Hmmm, liberals like cartoon artists? What a douche*. Read about his doucheyness here
*no offense to actual douches

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